I’m Chip Kohrman. Book eater, art maker, story teller, remote worker, and Telesaur starter. I’m an Eagle Scout, and I have a thing for avocados.

I like speaking with people about creativity, art-making, social media, startups, food, and telework. A long time ago, I loaded semi-trucks, scrubbed toilets, and made glasses in about an hour. I’ve taught college art courses and wrangled freelance projects.

Depending on the mood of our progeny, I live with artists, royalty, pro wrestlers, treasure hunters, rock stars, engineers, and more  — two of which are twins still in diapers. Breezi, my wife, has created a scrapbook mountain, whose summit she only descends for me or Mr. Darcy.

If we ever meet, I will probably tell you a story. Until then, please tweet me.